Pandemic Change…

Just a bit about what you will and won’t find here. I am different, I am odd, some say eccentric. I don’t fall into a path, mold, or expectation. I definitely cut my own path, and never apologize for that.

I am inspired by the old fetish master like Irving Klaw, Robert Harrison, Eric Stanton, Leonard Burtman, John Willie, and Gene Bilbrew.

In modern day art, you will find Ken Marcus, Erik Kroll, and Roy Varga among my many influences. I am enthralled by the art that these people have created and by the stand that they have all taken against the “norm” of society. Proof that you can create art that is YOUR art, no matter how society tries to sway you.

Credit: Ken Marcus

I discovered my love for fantasy art in my teens, but as they say, life got in the way. I could barely afford batteries for the camera back then, much less the film to shoot everything that I wanted. In the late 90’s I was able to escape those bonds, marry my muse and chief inspiration officer, and start shooting what I really enjoyed.

So during the big pandemic lockdown of 2020, I’ve bought some new props, new camera gear, and have been doing many hours of late night research on the great photographers that paved the way for odd people like me. They had a vision and they brought that vision to film and digital media. Some were even jailed for it! (Gotta love the US in the roaring 20’s)

At any rate, I hope you enjoy watching and seeing what art we produce next!

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