Pandemic Playtimes

Here it is November, closing in on December 2020. We’ve been “flying solo” since around March. No clients, no real work to speak of, but Sammie and I have been keeping our creativity alive with what we have called “pandemic playtimes”. Just some studio shoots of various things. It seems the mask themed shoot a few months back was a great hit.

You know, grab a few props and a mask and have at it. We brought out the smoke machine, some colored gels, and a simple gray background from our good friends at Kate Backdrop.

All of this being “trapped” inside adds so much stress to your life. We live in Florida, where we should be on the beach. I am not a subscriber to all of the hysteria, but we know the virus is very real. For Sammie, with her blood cancer, it could be instant death. And… since I tend to love her very much and want to make art with her for the next 50 years or so, I’d like to keep her healthy.

So, all of that being said… I hope you all find time to live, love, laugh and make art! Keep the spirits up. We will get through this!