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I have over thirty years as a photographer, and my wife Sammie has as many years as a product model and business owner. I originally started photography with film and a Yashica FX-D and the old YashicaMat 120 cameras. While I still shoot film, I have embraced digital media head on.

Along with my photography experience comes many years of aviation experience including working as a law enforcement helicopter pilot. I am an FAA certified Part 107 Drone Pilot that can manage all of your aerial photo and videography needs. (as of June 2020 I have let my part 107 certificate lapse. We will revisit this later on)

My focus is on travel and lifestyle photography, (hey, it pays the bills) but my true love is alternative art and conceptual fetish photography.  We are located in Sin City, USA but we are available to travel pretty much anywhere in the world with enough schedule preparation.